We keep your boatlift in working order with regular boatlift inspections, repair, and maintenance.


We Perform Boatlift Inspections in Myrtle Beach and Surrounding Coastal Areas in North Carolina

Boat Lift Inspections Myrtle BeachIt’s important to have your boat lift inspected at least once per year, preferably during the off-season. Rollers, winches, cables and other moving parts should be inspected yearly, lubricated and replaced as needed. This is especially true of the cable and winch system on Cantilever boat lifts because the cable on this type of boat lift generally needs to be replaced about every 3 years or so. Not keeping an eye on this cable can result in the cable breaking and dropping your boat–which can damage both your lift and your boat.

Of course, a boat lift inspection includes more than just checking the cable and winch system. Here’s a more detailed list of what we check during a boat lift inspection:

-Inspect around the winch and housing for debris and animal nests (squirrels, wasps and birds are common nesters in the winch housing)

-Inspect cable for fraying, burrs, corrosion and signs of impending breakage

-Check that all bearings, pulleys, rollers and bushings move smoothly and freely

-Inspect cable anchors to ensure all anchors are secure

-Inspect thimbles, clamps, nuts and bolts for wear and tear, and schedule for replacement as needed

-Check all floats for leaks or damage

-Check that all feet are firmly attached to prevent them from falling off when the lift is placed back in the water or moved

-Inspect the gear plate assembly for proper lubrication–the gear plate assembly should be greased with heavy-duty marine grease at least a few times per year

-Check that the threads on the wheel of the wheel drive shaft are properly lubricated

-Inspect the bunks to ensure proper alignment with boat hull, and that the bolts holding the bunks are tight and secure

-Check the carpeting in the bunks for wear and tear, as well as the wood or material underneath the carpet

Count on Waterbridge Contractors to inspect your lifts and docks during the off-season and let you know if any repairs are needed so everything is fully-operational when you’re ready to use it. An ounce of prevention protects your lift, dock and boat from damage so you can relax and enjoy the water.

If you need a boat lift inspection, call Waterbridge Contractors of the Carolinas LLC, your Myrtle Beach marine contractors, at (843) 685-8355 to discuss your needs.


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    Yes!  From designing to permitting to completion, Waterbridge takes care of it all!

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