We keep your valuable waterfront property investment from eroding away. With timber, vinyl, composite, segmented block, rip rap and more.


Repairing & Maintaining Docks in Myrtle Beach and Surrounding Coastal Areas in North & South Carolina

Whether your dock is fixed or floating, built from pressure-treated wood, composite material or PVC, we can evaluate your dock for necessary repairs or provide regular maintenance to help your structure stand up to the elements. Many people believe it’s cheaper to replace a dock than to repair it. Just because a dock has a few years on it doesn’t mean it can’t be repaired and maintained for a reasonable cost. The key is to regularly schedule your dock maintenance with Waterbridge Contractors every off-season.

We inspect every element of your dock for wear and tear, missing parts and part replacement needs. This includes any of the following:

Decking or planks
Boat cleats
Bumpers and guards
Decking screws, bolts, fasteners and other hardware
Rub rails and edging

As with any type of maintenance, preventing problems and addressing necessary minor repairs can help you avoid costly major repairs and total dock replacement for longer. Just a few key services included in dock maintenance are:

-Clean and inspect ladders and other metal/aluminum structures

-Clean and inspect hardware such as fasteners and replace as necessary with marine-grade parts

-Clean and inspect all edging, guards, bumpers and rails and replace as necessary with marine-grade dock-quality equipment

-Inspect and repair or replace broken or missing parts or planks
Staining or sealing with weatherproof sealant appropriate for your dock material

It’s important to address any wear and tear, missing or broken parts and damaged equipment as soon as possible to prevent putting undue stress and pressure on the rest of your dock structure. While scheduling your dock maintenance as a regular part of your off-season prep is ideal, if you notice maintenance issues any time of year, call Waterbridge Contractors to take care of small repairs before they become major problems. We ensure all repairs and replacements are done using marine-grade, heavy-duty outdoor-approved parts and equipment.

Need dock repair or maintenance? Call Waterbridge Contractors of the Carolinas LLC, your Myrtle Beach marine contractors, at (843) 685-8355 to discuss your needs.


With over 30 years of combined experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project.

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  • Does Waterbridge Contractors do all work needed for an entire waterfront project?

    Yes!  From designing to permitting to completion, Waterbridge takes care of it all!

  • Can Waterbridge complete my project soon?

    Yes we run 4-5 crews year around, and as soon as permitting for the project is completed, we should be able to get to the project in a short time period

  • Why should I trust Waterbridge?

    Waterbridge has been the “go-to” contractor for several of the largest real estate companies, property management companies, landscaping companies,engineering companies and resort/hotel chains on the Grand Strand.

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